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  • Grant of benefits under the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) in respect of eligible Govt. Employees working under the cadre control of DP & AR, Government of Puducherry?

    It has been decided that in the cases of Govt. employees belonging to various common categories of posts under the cadre control of DP&AR(PW) shall also be considered by the Departmental Screening Committees of the respective Departments, wherein they are working at the time of consideration of their cases and financial upgradations shall be accorded in terms of the MACPS with the approval of the respective Administrative Secretaries as per the Order No.A.32019/1/2009/DPAR/CCD(2) dated 18.06.2010 communicated by the DP&AR(PW), Puducherry.

  • Details of conduct of Departmental examinations?

    The Details of the Schedule of the Departmental Examinations will be notified in the 'whats new' section of the website.